What kinds of sleep problems can people have?

Trouble falling asleep: lying in bed for more than 30 minutes without being able to fall asleep Trouble staying asleep: waking up frequently during the night Early morning waking: waking in the early hours of the morning before you need to get up but not being able to fall back asleep Behaviours that interfere withContinue reading “What kinds of sleep problems can people have?”

How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or 120 Seconds

The fastest way to sleep? Spending more time trying to fall asleep rather than actually sleeping? You’re not alone. Just the act of trying too hard can cause (or continue) a cycle of anxious, nerve-wracking energy that keeps our minds awake. And if your mind can’t sleep, it’s really difficult for your body to follow.Continue reading “How to Fall Asleep in 10, 60, or 120 Seconds”

Sleep Tips for Children

How much sleep do children need?The amount of sleep we need changes with age. As a guide, children need the following amounts of good quality sleep, including naps. Age of ChildInfants 0 – 3 months 14 to 17 hoursInfants 4 – 11 months 12 to 16 hoursToddlers 12 – 24 months 11 to 14 hoursPre-schoolersContinue reading “Sleep Tips for Children”

Healthy Sleep Habits & Sleep Tips

Your behaviors during the day, and especially before bedtime, can have a major impact on your sleep. They can promote healthy sleep or contribute to sleeplessness. Your daily routines – what you eat and drink, the medications you take, how you schedule your days and how you choose to spend your evenings – can significantlyContinue reading “Healthy Sleep Habits & Sleep Tips”

Make your bedroom sleep-friendly

Your bedroom should be a relaxing environment. Experts claim there’s a strong association in people’s minds between sleep and the bedroom. However, certain things weaken that association, such as TVs and other electronic gadgets, light, noise, and a bad mattress or bed. Keep your bedroom just for sleep and sex (or masturbation). Unlike most vigorous physical activity,Continue reading “Make your bedroom sleep-friendly”

Top Ten Sleep Tips

⦿ Make your bedroom conducive to sleep. Consider the comfort ofyour bed, the air temperature, and levels of noise and light.Minimize interference with your sleep by bed partner, children, orpets.⦿ Caffeine is a stimulant and should be discontinued six hours beforebedtime. Know the foods, drinks and medications that containcaffeine.⦿ Nicotine is a stimulant and shouldContinue reading “Top Ten Sleep Tips”

5 tips to create a restful environment for a good night’s sleep

Your bedroom should feel like a sleep oasis — stress and distraction-free. While creating the right environment is, to a certain extent, a matter of personal preference, sleep experts offer these sleep hygiene suggestions that are backed by science. The ideal room for sleep is cool and dark. Most experts agree that the sweet spotContinue reading “5 tips to create a restful environment for a good night’s sleep”

Sleep Tips : How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep

Take a warm bath prior to but not immediately before bedtime Warming your body through showers or baths an hour or two before bedtime may help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Our body functions in a way where initially a higher body temperature (especially in the arms and feet) allows the sleepContinue reading “Sleep Tips : How to Get to Sleep and Stay Asleep”